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Wymondham Players November 2014 Production - The Vicar of Dibley

The vicar of dibley
By Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer
With kind permission from Tiger Aspect Productions
Dates performed: 19th - 22nd November 2014

The meeting of Dibley Parish Council

Left to right: Owen Newitt (Ian McDonald); Geraldine Granger (Leanne Neave); Hugo Horton (John Harrod); David Horton (Bob McClenning);
Frank Pickle (David Atkinson); Jim Trott (Pete Harrold); Letitia Cropley (Cathey Rix);

The Wedding
Alice Tinker played by Colleen Giacomelli
The other member of the cast was:
The Woman (Wendy Ellis);

Director: Alan Carpenter
Assistant Director: Sonia Corke
Producer: Tracey Hobbs
Stage Manager: Nancy Adams
Set Design: Alan Carpenter

Review by Sue Dupont
Alan Carpenter told me that there were five new members in this play, and how well he did drawing the team together into a very united group and so well cast: difficult to follow on from a TV series; I am not a regular follower of the programme but could recognise all the traits and characters.
I must say that the set was very good in creating the atmosphere and backing the episodes of the story. Certainly that split set worked and was well furnished: realised that the stage not quite wide enough for each scene to be complete without some movement of furniture, and the team were obviously well rehearsed and knew what to do quickly.
As Geraldine, Leanne Neave rose to the occasion of her big role, a huge part to learn and to characterise and to interact with all her parishioners; she had excellent timing and drew out the humour, looked good, and was indeed a very strong focal point of the action.
Around the table in the Parish meeting, Bob McClenning was ideal as David Horton, a dream part for the right person, he wanted to rule the roost and he did with bluster and force, very dominating. And the roles of Jim Trott (Peter Harrold) dithering with his ‘no,no,no’ and that very messy and would-be Lothario Owen from Ian MacDonald, plus the secretary meticulously annoying Frank Pickle of David Atkinson were all so well drawn and portrayed from the series and balanced in style and type, interactions excellent, very good cameo characters. Cathey Rix as Letitia had much less to add to the story in this script, and the knitting did not seem to grow over the weeks!
The lovers (into wedding) were both new to me and certainly John Harrod as Hugo and Colleen Giacomelli as Alice established a really good build up in story and character and relationship, the vibes were good between them. Hugo worked well with being dominated by his father, accepting advice from Vicar, and yet continuing with his purpose of pursuing Alice whilst she was all that would drive one wild even though naïve and loving, this pair worked. And of course Alice had this relationship with the Vicar and the total negativity of common-sense or understanding the humour in life, and the scene about the wedding dress!
The episodes chosen worked as a complete play, the second half much funnier than the first which had to set up the characters and the situations, a good evening out and much enjoyed by the audience.