Wymondham Players
Entertaining Angels
Director: Tabi Paternoster. Producer: David Paternoster

Performed at Central Hall, Wymondham. 18th - 21st November 2015Entertaining Angels stage shot
 The Cast:

Grace: Amanda Oelrichs
Ruth:Tracey Hobbs
Jo: Cathey Rix
Sarah: Emma Kirkham
Bardolph: David Atkinson
Entertaining angels tea time

Bardolph and Grace

Review by Sue Dupont

What a truly excellent choice of play with so many dimensions and structures and
relationships: not only the comedy touches, but the drama and pathos and thought provoking
situations and dialogue:
Tabi Paternoster drew it all together with great skill and empathy
and her team gelled and worked well with characters (4F, 1M a good mix) of experience and
newer members.
But first must draw attention to the truly excellent design of set which more than
enhanced the action and made the play special with atmosphere and the ‘right’ staging.
Created by
David Paternoster, the house and garden of the vicarage were substantial and
credible, complete with the all-important greenhouse plus patio for action. And then the split
stage revolved SL and to replace the greenhouse there was the bank of the stream complete
with vegetation and seat and noise of running water and dappled lighting, what a perfect
mood change and so very clever and appropriate.
The casting of the two ‘mature’ ladies and the two young women good and well
balanced to the ‘angel’ body of the departed vicar Bardolf (seen only by widow): this team
worked both age-wise and in characterisation.
Emma Kirkham as Sarah (the new vicar) seemed ideal in the role
showing the mood changes in dialogue with mother and daughter and keeping the interest in
the twists of the tale, well sustained. The age balance and interaction worked well with Jo
played by
Cathey Rix as these two could spark off each other in interests, understanding
and sympathy. And then there was the relationship between Jo and her mother and her
aunt, and of course the memories of her father, all played to the full.
The antagonism between the sisters Grace and Ruth (understandable in the
circumstances) really fired off in bitterness and jealousy, certainly
Tracey Hobbs as Ruth
blossomed in the role as the play moved on, and surprises and twists in tale abounded as
the struggle to be dominant took place.
But the role to be the lynch pin of this play, to dominate but yet to surprise in her
weakness at times, the relationships with sister and daughter and husband, the amount of
dialogue and the versatility of moods, the timing and sensibility variations,
Amanda Oelrichs
was masterly in performance as Grace.
And the man of the play, such a good foil for Grace but holding his own against all
comers even though appearance limited physically to one viewer only, but his actions
impinged on the affairs of all in the play, delicately balanced,
David Atkinson as Bardolf.
Really all one can say is that this was such a well written and realised play, inter-
actions and relationships worked, no one moved throughout as all so engrossed with the
dialogue, excellent.