The Cast:

Left to right: Gareth: Brian Maddern; Rod: Kevin Oelrichs; Martin: David Percival; Dorothy: Tabi Paternoster;

Hilda: Heather Carpenter;
Magda: Wendy-Jane Leadbeater

Other cast members were: Luther: Adam Sewell;
Amy: Alison Burton

Review by Sue Dupont (NODA)

Director: Wendy Ellis. Assistant Director: David Paternoster
Central Hall, Wymondham. 23 April

Director Wendy Ellis, assisted by David Paternoster, did well to assemble such a strong cast, and interested to see that the recruitment policy is working with the new members of the group mixed with the more experienced actors to give a good team. The Director’s notes in the programme are particularly relevant and revealing in context with this social satire plot regarding a defence of ‘each Englishman’s castle’.
The lynchpins in this scenario are the brother and sister moved to the estate and starting up the neighbourhood watch: in a tour de force of dialogue and strong personality and acting throughout the play in a memorable performance, Heather Carpenter stamped a considerable mark on this demanding role of Hilda. And as the brother, Martin, David Percival had a change from his usual roles to show the strength of his personality, timing and acting skills and the manipulation of others in the neighbourhood with disastrous results: what a performance.
Some excellent character studies in the group of friends, each forming a foil for the interactions with the different and changing relationships: Dorothy from Tabi Paternoster busy and full of the gossip and knowledge of the estate, Brian Maddern as Gareth not certain about situations but easily persuaded, the vamping glamour of Amy (Alison Burton) and her influence on Martin to the displeasure of Hilda, the unpleasantness and ugly strength of Adam Sewell’s Luther and his bullying of his musical wife Magda ( a sensitive performance from Wendy-Jane Leadbetter getting sympathy from all), and Rod from Kevin Oelrichs really the strong backbone security maestro pushing the action forward. This was a team that really gelled to bring out the situations and humour whether friendly or in enmity and with disastrous results, the dialogue well pointed and good timing.
The set designed by David Paternoster and so bound to be of excellent quality and complimentary to the action; and for the finale, the piece de resistance in that amazing and very large golden ‘Monty’ as a tribute to Martin!

Martin is seduced by Amy, played by Alison Burton

Martin is threatened by Luther Bradley played by Adam Sewell