Wymondham Players November  2016 production
'See How They Run'

Philip King
Performed at Central Hall, Wymondham. 23rd - 26th November 2016

Left to right: The Intruder - Alan Carpenter; The Bishop of Lax - Bob McClenning; Penelope Toop - Becky Davis;
Sergeant Towers - Ian McDonald; Lionel Toop - Pete Harrold; Rev Arthur Humphrey - Kevin Oelrichs;
Lance Corporal Clive Winton - David Percival
Director: Amanda Oelrichs. Producer: Wendy Ellis

The Cast:  (in order of appearance)

Ida (the maid): Cathy Rix
Miss Skillon: Heather Carpenter
The Reverend Lionel Toop: Pete Harrold
Penelope Toop (his wife): Becky Davis
Lance Corporal Clive Winton: David Percival
The Intruder: Alan Carpenter
The BIshop of Lax: Bob McClenning
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey: Kevin Oelrichs
Sergeant Towers: Ian McDonald
(Above) The 'rough and tumble' on the carpet
"I want my uniform" demands Clive (above)
"Heil Hitler" The German then hits Lionel with a poker as Miss Skillon slumbers in a drunken stupor (above)
"Take me away" Miss Skillon demands of Arthur Humphrey

Review - By Sue Dupont

Thank you very much for the invitation to see Wymondham Players in ‘See How
They Run’, a truly classic farce and how well the company presented to the audience.
Amanda Oelrichs certainly took control of the situations in strict and fine style with
excellent pace and no let-up throughout the action: this is what farce has to be and we were
not disappointed in the speed of dialogue or action, or any of the comedy timing.
An excellent set with good period feel really gave a good acting space for all the
antics, entrances all ideal for the piece, and that cupboardl, dressings and costumes
appropriate to set off actions throughout.
The casting could not be faulted and to find six such ideal males for their parts is a
compliment to the group, plus those three perfectly cast females, congratulations on having
a wide field to choose from in the company.
lda, the maid, Cathey Rix was a great character role, full of cheek, helping with
plotting and missing some situations and messing up, really something to bring out all the
comedy. But the ‘laughter-plus‘ and OTT character really has to be Miss Skillon, what a
wonderful role for Heather Carpenter, the shocked and hurt parishioner, those drunken
sequences, the total commitment to timing and comedy and bringing out every last nuance
and the exaggeration of situations and misunderstandings throughout, this was a
performance to relish. And as the ex-actress, glamorous vicars wife, Becky Davis was
perfect for Penelope with her style and accent and sweeping away of all stuffiness
regardless of what happens in the plot. These three exemplary in their roles.
Pete Harrold as Lionel really had the losing ticket with concert and wife and visiting
bishop and all the exchange of clothing and particularly all that running around from entrance
to exit, his timing and delivery so good. The appearance of David Percival as Clive, and the
problems of uniform, plus the acting from previous days just added to the mayhem of action.
Add a very dignified but surprised Bishop by Bob McClenning, and how does he cope with
his visit and strange twists. Another visiting vicar, Humphrey from Kevin Oelrichs, who
looked suitably bewildered by all going on around him. And the clothes exchange by the
intruder Alan Carpenter, and his menacing on the situation, just added to the fun. These
characters well drawn and developed by the men. What with all those chases so beautifully
timed and the sight of four vicars in a row, no wonder that Sergeant Towers (lan McDonald)
was surprised.
Certainly the action on stage was manic at times in a proper farce with brilliant timing,
congratulations to all on the fantastic team-work, and certain that the rehearsals must have
been hysterical.


Performed at Central Hall, Wymondham.  23rd-26th November 2016